Monday 8 September 2014

Gareth Davies - Author

I’m Gareth Davies, author, presenter, poet, storyteller, compare and ELT professional. 

I am originally from Barry, South Wales and the Welsh landscape and mindset still features in much of my writing.

My debut novel, Humans, Being was published in April 2019 with Cinnamon Press. It has been described as 'Funny, touching and thought-provoking' and you can buy it direct from the publisher, here. 

I have two self-published novels, which are available on request.  

I am also a storyteller, specialising in Welsh stories for non-English speakers and stories from around the world for UK audiences. You can find information about my storytelling here.

My Projects. 
I am currently living in Japan and keeping a diary of my daily bemusement, you can find a link to last year's observations there too. 

Between 2012 and 2017 I published a daily short story on my blog. Those stories were really for me to keep my hand in at writing, to keep my brain busy and to collect ideas, but I hope they make the reader smile, cry or raise an eyebrow.  

I have an occasional project called Topical Poems, where I write a poem based on that day's news story. These are humorous, rhyming verses, written to be read in a Max Boyce voice. To watch and read them click here.

I also write observations, non-fiction and poems which have been described as ‘often like little jokes, economical with words’ and 'very moving insights'. For example, in 2014  I undertook  a project called 100 Days of Grumpiness. Which I suppose is a little diary entry about something that has made me grumpy each day for 100 days. The problem is, while I am trying to be grumpy, it seems to make my readers laugh. Another example of my non-fiction is short project I ran in 2015-2016 called Czech Hipster Coffee which is a cafe review blog. I have called these non-reviews because food and drink is the least of my concerns. The results can be found here.

As well as being a writer I've worked in English Language Teaching for over twenty years. I've written for different educational publishers including OUP, CUP, International House and the British Council. For details of my ELT work click here.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions. You can contact me via comments on this blog, via email, on  my Facebook page or on twitter - @garethcz.

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