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Maggie’s Milkman
“Who’s your father? The milkman?”
In the 1970s and 1980s this was a popular taunt in playgrounds across Britain, but you don’t hear it so much nowadays. Why not?
In the days when men went to work and women stayed at home, where did women turn to get their extra-marital satisfaction? The milkman was about the only man women got to meet and he had a perfect excuse to pop round.
Meet Mal, a young, handsome, Tory voting milkman in a mining community in Wales. In this gossipy, close knit community his reputation as a capable lover quickly spreads and soon Thursday, the day he collects his money, becomes a long day of passion. But his Lothario lifestyle suddenly changes when Thatcher and Scargill launch their epic battle in the coal mining communities of Britain.

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Extraordinary Rendition
Torn from his bed by armed men in the middle of the night, whisked off to God knows where, held in solitary confinement, Daniel Welsh is scared, confused and baffled by his sudden change of circumstance. Who are his captors and more importantly who do they think he is and what do they want with him? But if Daniel is confused, spare a thought for his part-time girlfriend Jana, who is trying to discover what has happened to her lover while falling in love with someone else. 

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